5 Easy Graphic Eyeliner Styles To Spice Up Your Look

5 Easy Graphic Eyeliner Styles To Spice Up Your Look

Sure, a basic winged liner is everyone’s cup of tea. A few flicks here and there, and voila! You’re done. But you know what takes real creative effort and looks so much cooler than that basic liner you’re throwing on every day for work and after? 

Graphic eyeliner. 

If you haven’t heard of this hot new trend, graphic eyeliner is what encourages us to draw way more than a normal winged eyeliner. It’s a bold fashion statement that really takes a steady hand to create. But with a bit of practice, we’re sure you can do it! In this article, we’re going to be presenting the top 5 easiest graphic eyeliner styles to spice up your look this season. 

  1. The Floating Crease Eyeliner

    If you’re a beginner to the world of graphic liner, then this look is definitely for you. It’s super low-effort, and will add just that extra bit of glam that you need for your party look. After applying the traditional black liner on your upper lash line, simply glide the applicator of your favorite silver eyeliner across the crease of your eyelid, starting from the inner corner of your eyelid and working your way outwards. You can also glide the silver liner across your lower lash line for that extra oomph factor. 

    1. Open-ended eyeliner

      This is one of those simple, yet sophisticated looks that have always been one of our top faves. You’re going to need a felt-tip liner for this one. Line your top lash line as usual, except you need to make it a little thicker this time. Start winging out your liner, taking care to keep the line thinner on this one. Then start drawing this thinner line up above your crease, stopping at the midpoint of your eye. The main trick to making this look work is patience! Take your time, and this look will turn out great. 

      1. Separate liners eyeliner 

      Do you want an extra dramatic look? Then this one will be the best bet for you. Grab a liquid eyeliner with a compact nib, and draw around your eyelid. Start from above your inner lash line, and follow your natural crease upwards to the middle of your eyelid. Next, you need to position a second line under your lower lash line and start extending this line outwards. If you really want your look to pop, add a bold winged eyeliner to top it off.

      1. Subtle dots

        Yes we know, it’s not technically liner, but so what? We think it still looks pretty cool. Simply make a small dot using your eyeliner just under your lower lash line, positioned around the center of your eye. Liquid eyeliner works best with this kind of look. 

        1. Dotted eyeliner

          Don’t want to skip on either the dots or the liner? We have the perfect look for you! Use any liquid or gel liner and wing it the way you usually do, extending beyond your upper lash line. Next, gently dab three dots under the wing, making sure each dot is the same size and that they’re evenly spaced from each other. For extra sparkle, add silver gloss to your eyelid! Top off the look with mascara.

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  • Posted on by Simo Sidiki
    There is a lot more happening in graphic eyeliners. Though these are subtle and sophisticated looks. I would love to see some more adventurous looks too.

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